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Clean Eatz - Keto

Clean Eatz - Keto

Clean Eatz

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K A1 Beef - (Cal 410 F 30g/C 13g/P 22g)
Shredded steak in A1 sauce with peppers and onions over olive oil green beans

K Blooming Onion Chicken - (Cal 361 F 25g/C 10g/P 24g)
Creamy chicken over green beans with crispy onion straws

 K Boom Boom Chicken - (Cal 389 F 25g/C 11g/P 30g)
Chicken in a creamy, zesty sauce with bacon over cauliflower rice mac & cheese

K Cheesy Beef Taco - (Cal 371 F 21g/C 7g/P 25g)
Ground beef in a creamy cheese sauce over broccoli with pico de gallo

K Chicken Bacon Alfredo - (Cal 356 F 20g/C 12g/P 32g)
Chicken and bacon bits in alfredo sauce over broccoli florets

K Meatloaf - (Cal 304 F 20g/C 10g/P 21g)
Beef meatloaf served over cheesy cauliflower rice and green beans with bacon bits and crispy onions

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